Fear kills your Vision, Undermines your Thinking & Takes you on a Detour

Fear kills your Vision, Undermines your Thinking & Takes you on a Detour

It’s Featured imageamazing how we have read and heard so many sermons on Fear and yet we still find ourselves enslaved by Fear one way or the other. Regardless of its crippling effect on our lives, we seem to be held back by it. This week’s Devotional Study is on FEAR – Recognizing it. Facing it Head on, Overcoming it and living a Victorious Life.

As I write on this topic I want you to know that I am not immune to the attacks of fear. I get afraid too. Sometimes fall into its trap. But through God’s grace I’ve learned to face my fears head on and Trust God to do the rest for me as I continue to stay obedient to Him.

My personal battles with fear

Every time I have to preach somewhere , Fear attacks me. Especially, the week before I am supposed to speak, I get all these fear thoughts attacking my mind as to why I shouldn’t speak. Thoughts like “You aren’t qualified to preach?” “No one will listen” “You going to make a fool out of yourself’ “How do you know you speaking the word in season” “What if no one comes”… all these thoughts of fear attack me every time. There are times I’ve curved into fear and told my pastor I can’t preach anymore. lol. But I’ve learned to face my fears. If it means to preach while afraid, I just do it anyway. Because in the end God is the one who speaks not me and  its all about Him not me – So if He needs me to speak or share something – I’ve learned to do it regardless of how I feel.

Let’s begin…

So, yesterday I was reading from the book of 1 Kings 19,  and vs. 3 caught my attention. It read “Elijah was afraid and fled for his life” upon hearing that Jezebel was going to kill him. Isn’t it amazing what fear can do to one? Elijah a prophet of God, mightily used by God found himself on the run for his life out of fear of what one woman would do to him. Never mind all the victories God had given him – never mind all the prophets of Baal that he had killed through the power of God working in Him. Oh never mind God on his side who responded to his prayer for rain during the 3rd year of a severe drought. All Elijah saw was his death, all he heard was tomorrow you shall die,which led to him to be on the run for his life. Ah excuse me Elijah. Hold up! What about consulting GOD before just getting up and running…Sir Elijah What is going on?

Fear has that effect on people even those used by God.If entertained fear will distort your picture of life and whats happening around you-it may even cause you to make abrupt decisions which maybe life changing and not necessarily good for you. Although Elijah was an anointed prophet of God – He fell in to the pit of FEAR and it got the best of him – such that He forgot all that God had done for Him (Fear undermines  your capacity to think clearly) , he lost sight of the mission/mandate that God had asked of him (Fear kills Vision) He fled for his life (Fear will take you on a detour).

If not dealt with or confronted – Fear will kill your Vision, Undermine your Thinking & take you on a Detour

 When we allow fear to have its toil on us It will paralyze our ability to hear God, think straight, or move forward. What you fear will become your reality if you do not face it head on and overcome it. Fear creates a false reality that robs us off today’s blessings and victories. Take a brief moment to look at your life right now – are there any missed opportunities, missed blessings because you aborted your mission, vision or dream? How many dreams, aspirations, ambitions, visions have you fled from because of Fear. 

As you read further in 1 Kings 19 vs 10 & 13 – you read  “And the word of the Lord came to him: “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Twice God asked Elijah the same questions – WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? God knew what Elijah was doing there – but wanted Elijah to realize his foolery – as to why he was Running away.

Sometimes there are things that we are running away from because of FEAR.And God is asking us the same question He asked Elijah today- What are you doing here? Did I tell you to run away? Did I command you abort mission? Did I confirm that Jezebel (your situation) will kill you ? – So why are you running away? Why are you giving up before you’ve even started?

I would like to believe that God is perplexed when He sees us as His sons and daughters running away from what He has called us to RUN TO or RUN THROUGH; When He sees us aborting dreams because they appear too BIG to come to pass; When He see us diverting to an easier course of life because we are just to scared of what could possibly happen to us – He is hurt.

Maybe you are that person that walked away on a Job, a relationship, a business opportunity, a dream not because God told you to, but simply because of FEAR;  Or maybe you just about to walk away from something really beautiful because of FEAR? If God hasn’t spoken – don’t flee. Wait, Consult God, Hear what you need to do and follow through.

“For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind” 2 Timothy 1 :7


Fear will disqualify you before you’ve even began

Fear will tell you all the things you don’t have to make it

Fear will make you major on the minor (Shift your focus on whats truly important)

Fear will hinder you from advancing

Fear will cause to walk away even when you had everything in you to face your GIANT

Fear will tell you how many people who have tried and failed – so what makes you any Different

Fear will kill the LIFE out of you – IF YOU ALLOW IT.

Fear is NOT from God – SO Don’t give it  a foothold in your life

 Don’t settle for less because of fear. You were made for greatness – Embrace you authenticity, Embrace the greatness on the inside of you. Do not fear – Do not Flee – Stay put and watch God step in and fight for you.

 Today, let your Faith fight and defeat your Fear.

Let your Faith lead you in to a Victorious Life.







Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

God Bless and Stay Encouraged 🙂

Lady Rue J. aka Ruvimbo Judith

“Let Your Light Shine”

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Thank you and be Blessed.

Let me be real for a Sec…

Let me be real for a Sec…

Let me be just real for a sec.

A while ago I had to tell myself to snap out of it – Like really common Rue SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!.  I fFeatured imageound my self day dreaming and envying the life of another. In my heard I just thought , they just had the perfect life cut out for them. Everything about them just seemed so perfect. You know those people who just look like they on top of the world with no cares or anxieties at all – their life is just  perfect. You know what I’m talking about right? LOL? Its like everything about them just seems to happen well for them. They are always happy, Always on cloud 9. And if they are church pips – they always have smile and a hallelujah on their mouth – No problem at all. Everything is just perfect (**in a Madea Voice).

Yes those kind of people? Have you met those people? Maybe you even follow some of them on facebook. They are the true image of PICTURE PERFECT. Yes, that was me  a while ago – so engrossed about another’s “perfect life”. And as I was just about be feeling sorry for myself (silliness to its highest degree) – I felt a huge NUDGE in my spirit. It was like Holy Spirit was screaming on the inside of me shouting “SNAP OUT OF IT NOW” “SNAP OUT OF IT NOW!” It’s like someone just poured ice cold water on my face! I just felt this strong conviction in me  – How dare I compare my life to another. How dare I envy?… A part of me screamed back… but Lord they have it all together, they everything they need, they look very blessed to be quite frank. -Its amazing how 5 mins on someone’s profile page on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube can totally distort your perception about life and who you are as a person…smh.

God made me realize something so amazing that I’ve held on to and has been the reason for my recent passion and growth in Him. He said to me “ENVY & DISCONTENTMENT  are an ENEMY to PROGRESS & SUCCESS “. He was like Rue even If I have destined you to be great, to be successful, to be on top – you will not taste a bit of it if you are still comparing your life to that of others. He went on to say “I know the plans I have for you – My plans for you are the best – How you get there is my choice -but you need to STAY FOCUSED on your journey and not the Journey of others”. I quickly repented and asked for forgiveness…

This got me really thinking and realizing that we do that a lot as humans – we find ourselves comparing our lives to others, to celebrities, to media icons up  to the point where we fail to appreciate the treasure that is on the inside of us. Have you ever noticed how you can literally spend hours on an artist’s, celebrity or an old friend Facebook page and wishing we could dress like them, talk like them, have money like they do, in a nutshell have a life like theirs.

BUT, What about the life that God intended for you. What happens to that Life? Whose going to live that life if you and I are constantly living the lives of others in our minds? 

I want to encourage someone today – that your life was designed for you to live in it and to live it to the fullest. Even if you are not where you want to be today – why don’t you channel your energy and time to be where you want to be. Opportunities come to those who are progressing. Opportunities come to those who are doing something.

Envying and comparing your life to that of others is not progression rather its regression. Every time you envy you are taking a few steps back rather than forward.COMPARISON is indeed an enemy to GROWTH and PROGRESSION.

Now, instead of envying the lives of others who by the way are  “LIVING THEIR LIVES” – why don’t we choose to start living our own lives. Greatness is awaiting you and just need you to move towards it. Today, I want you to quit feeling sorry for yourself and start appreciating what you do have. Appreciate the family that you do have , the job you do have, the friends you do have , the money you do have, the woman or man you do have, the kids you do have . Becoz there probably someone out there who wishes they had what you have. She might not be the perfect wife or he might not the perfect husband but at least you have one and he or she is just a prayer away to become your idea. Or maybe your Mr Right or Mrs Right you haven’t found yet – you still single and wondering when he or she will come  – but in the mean time why don’t you work on you to become “right” for your Yours truly Mr or Mrs Right. Become faithful with the little that you have and soon enough God will bless you with more. The only time you are to look at the life of another is to find encouragement and motivation to run your race knowing that in due season your Greater is coming.

Even when we look at scripture – Who would have ever thought, that Ruth a widower would  remarry again to a rich kind man BOAZ from another tribe (Read the Book of Ruth), Who would have thought that Esther, a ragged, impoverished, low class Orphan would find favor and win the heart of the King and becoming Queen herself (Book of Esther). Who would have thought that Moses , abandoned at birth (/tender age), then a murderer in his adulthood would be used by God to lead His people out of captivity… I could go on and on… But the moral of the story is YOUR LIFE IS JUST BEGINNING… DON’T GIVE-UP ON LIVING BEFORE YOU’VE EVEN STARTED LIVING.

Just because all your high school friends are married and have children – And you don’t -It doesnt mean your life is over – It simply hasnt started. Just because others you graduated with are now in good jobs or have made empires for themselves and you have nothing to show for the 8 years or so in school, it don’t mean you are a failure – It just means your turn hasn’t come yet – but if you keep on running your race and stay focused – your brighter day will soon come knocking on your door step…(Remember Jacob in the Bible had to work for 14 years to get the woman He loved” (Read Genesis 29:18-30)

We are all destined for success its just that it comes differently to each individual. There’s a path that God wants us to all take-different as they are we sure know that if we stay content and focused we will get our prize. Don’t disqualify yourself on the journey of life simply because you keep looking at how others have it all or they seem better off-  B’Coz guess what you don’t know what mountains, hills, valleys, etc they had to go though to make it to where they are.

Choose to use your time wisely. Choose to cultivate and grow yourself – Don’t miss out on opportunities to succeed because you constantly envying the lives of others. YOUR TURN IS COMING – STAY FOCUSED.

God bless and stay encouraged

– Lady Rue J. aka Ruvimbo Judith

“Let Your Light Shine”

Grace, Grace – Your Grace is Enough

Grace, Grace – Your Grace is Enough

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Have  you ever come to a point where you are just about to give up. Maybe you even sigh underneath your breath – I give up? Has life hit its toil on you. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?  Have you lost your fight in you to keep on going? Yes? Keep reading you are not here by accident.

Romans 11:6 (AMP)

But if it is by grace (His unmerited favor and mercy). It is no longer conditioned on works or anything men have done. Otherwise grace would no longer be grace (it would be meaningless)

I am so happy that Grace has been made
available to us. When Grace steps in our lives – it gives enabling power to do what in our own self are incapable of doing. If we had it all figured out we would not need grace to operate in our lives. Its by grace we are saved. Its by grace we are still living even when things around us may have been demanding death from us. It is grace that sustains us in our limited human nature . Grace says – step aside and allow God to step in and take over.

Whether you are at work or school or in a relationship situation – Allow God’s Grace to operate on your behalf. The reason why we are sometimes burnt out, stressed, broke and depressed is because we are trying to get things done in our own strength – for things that only God is capable of taking care of. Someone once said “If you and I are into our own works, then we are operating outside of Grace”. If we embrace Grace – we step outside of the situation and allow Holy Spirit our Enabler to step in and work on our behalf.

You can’t make everyone love you – its God’s Grace that makes you find favor with man. When we operate outside of Grace we bound to get frustrated, tired and want to give up. It’s only God’s Grace that enables you to do what needs to be done in the time frame it needs to be done – And to do it right.

Outside of Grace I am at my worst – but in Grace I am more than a conqueror, I am victorious, I am virtuous, I am complete in Grace

When you find yourself close to having a breakdown – whether its a family issue, relationship issue, medical issue, financial issue, educational issue, work issue, ministry issue, immigration issue, marriage issue, children issue … Whatever the issue maybe – I want to encourage you to take your hands off – commit the issue to the Lord in total surrender and let God’s Grace step in to work for you.

Scripture says “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans”-Proverbs 16:3 (NIV).  Grace has been freely made available to us. So let Christ take over and His Strength become your enabling power to endure, to keep standing, to stay focused, to remain in Him knowing that – all will work out for your good because the creator of the Universe is on your side. Friend, Whatever it is that has been troubling you, or has been making you feel inferior or lesser of a person – I want to encourage you to come to the table of Grace and give it all to God. He wants to take care of your cares, your worries, your anxieties, your weaknesses … whatever it is – Let GRACE take over.

Take a moment to say these simple words – “Jesus I need your Grace right now. Jesus  I need your Grace right now, Jesus I need your Grace right now”. The grace you need for your today is just a prayer away. Call on God AND let Him be your ENOUGH Grace to pull you through.  Be encouraged 🙂

-Lady Rue J. aka Ruvimbo Judith

“Let Your Light Shine”