Now You Know How I feel

Now You Know How I feel

For the longest time I just could not find time to be still and talk to God. I mean there just seemed to be a lot of things on the go to do. For me talking to God was just a quick 15 -30 second prayer and that was it hopefully till we meet again before bedtime – of which that too wasn’t guaranteed. It so happened God wanted to teach me a good lesson – And here is what happened …

I remember this one day when I was talking to God. I gasped – “ Lord, I just want him to spend more time with me! I understand his trying to balance his schooling, work and Church duties; but can’t he also put me in that schedule too.

REWIND – It was during my husband’s exam period. Don’t know whether I was just being too selfish or not, but I was feeling a tad bit neglected. ( In actual fact I wasn’t being neglected – He (my hubby) was trying his hardest to balance everything – I was too blinded with emotion to notice the small but sentimental gestures of his love. Anyway back to my story, In that moment I needed more of his time, more than usual to be quite honest…For someone who’s primarily love language is “Quality Time” I felt as though I was being robbed off in that area. I remember I was complaining before God as to why my hubby wasn’t really spending enough QUALITY time with me. “Lord I understand he has to study after work and other church obligations but I also want my time too” I argued. “ Yeah yeah, he sort of kinda spends time with me but I want more. Lord, do you know by the time he comes back from studying I’m either about to sleep or sleeping already. I see him but I REALLY don’t see him – do you get what I mean Lord – Speak to him Lord, Speak to him”

That was me a while back -I remember feeling quite justified bringing my complaint to the Lord. Hoping to hear him back me up agreeing to my complaint – And I heard God clearly say to me –


ME: So you agree with me right Lord, right? I’m glad you see it too…


ME: uuurrrhhh Lord… Say what now???.

“Now you know how I feel” He said to me again.

This is what the Lord said to me:

GOD: “Everyday I want to talk to you. I want to hear your voice & you hear mine, I want to hear your ideas, thoughts,  I want to hear what’s been on your mind lately – And I share my Heart, my Mind, my Will with you. But you never make time for me. When you wake up – I get excited to hear from you– spend some quality time with you before your day begins. But Oh no, When you wake up, the first thing on your mind is not me. You are already planning how your day is going to go – and don’t care to even involve me. I know that your work, your day’s agenda is important to you, I won’t argue about that but if you say we are in a relationship how come I am not even involved.  How come we never spend quality time like we should? Yeah sure you say hello here and there but that’s about it. The only time that you really talk to me or involve me in your life is when you need something from me OR when all hell is breaking loose on you and you need my help”


GOD: You say you love me – but what an interesting way of showing it.

The same way you crave your husband’s undivided attention – the way you desire his love and affection demonstrated – no matter how busy he is with his schooling, work and ministry – is no where compared to how I crave, desire, need your attention, affection too.

ME: But Lord, I do talk to you. I do.

God: When it’s convenient for you

ME: There’s never enough time

God: hmmm But you sure have time for all your TV SHOWS, Social media, online shopping, your friends ETC

ME: oh Yeah. Lord please forgive me – I have been selfish with my time. Help me to spend more time with you. Teach me to Love you MORE than anything else in this world. I am sorry for neglecting our relationship – will you give me another chance?

God: My arms are always open wide – waiting for you.

Oh and about your husband – you can have him back– I just wanted YOU TO KNOW HOW I FEEL.

In that moment my eyes where opened to see the amazing and unconditional love my husband had and has for me. The sacrifices he made to make me happy. The time he took away from studying to just hold me even if just for a few minutes. The small things that he did  like help with the dishes or household chores. WOW, Lord Thank you – Lesson Learned 🙂

Friends – If you are stilling reading this- then probably you can totally relate. Even if you don’t – Let this be an encouragement to you. Always make time for God. Do you know that if HE turned away HIS EYES from  you just for a Second – your life would be a TOTAL Chaos.

By virtue of you being able to wake up, go to work, see your friends, do all that you want to do – it’s because of His Grace and Love for you.


After all, TIME belongs to Him.

Do you know that, when we spend time with Lord as we should and have Him involved in every detail of our lives – Life will be a lot easier than it is. It is written that He is the Beginning and The End (Revelations 1:8). He knew us before we were even born (Jeremiah 1:5) – That means His is aware of the things that have happened; about to happen; and will happen in the future. Spending time with God aligns you to his purpose and will  for your life. Could it be that some of the things that give us sleepless nights could be avoided if we just took time to be in God’s Presence and hear what He has got planned for us today (Jeremiah 29:11). Spending time with God especially in the morning helps you to have a fresh start in the morning and a new and heavenly outlook to the day. Let your steps be directed and ordered by God – God enjoys and delights in every detail of your life.  Spend time with Him. Don’t neglect Him. He desires to communicate with you. Everything about you is IMPORTANT to Him.


Today’s Declaration:

  • I will make time to spend quality time with God
  • I will commit my everyday plans into His hand
  • No matter how busy I get I will not neglect prayer  and bible study time – IN JESUS NAME – Let It Be So!


Lord, we are sorry for robbing you of what truly belongs to you – TIME. We have used (y)our  TIME selfishly. We have neglected what’s most important in life -OUR RELATIONSHIP with you. Lord by your grace and power of the Holy Spirit help us to always make time to spend with you. Help us to make permanent dwelling in your presence always. Even when Life gets in the way and we are too busy – enable us to always look to you for leading and direction. We love you Lord. In Jesus name, AMEN

-Lady Rue J. (aka) Ruvimbo Judith

“Let Your Light Shine”

PS: This Christmas Season as we spend time with family, party, enjoy ourselves let us not forget the true reason and purpose for Christmas – JESUS.

Make time to be thankful for all that God has done and spending time with Him. His our Father who loves us dearly.

God Bless and have a wonderful Christmas!