Why the Enemy Doesn’t Want You to Read the WORD

For the last couple days or weeks I was lacking the spiritual drive I usually have…huh? Ok… Let me explain. I think in my walk with Christ, I came to a place where I could say I was a bit too familiar with scripture. That horrible, annoying moment where, you just don’t feel the zeal to read the WORD because you think you already know it, where even if you try to read a scripture or two, its just feels blunt (Like you just reading but really truth be told – nothing really his happening) So I was at that place  – If I can be honest I really didn’t feel like reading the WORD OF GOD at all. Although at the back of my mind I kept on saying to myself I need to READ the word. But I never really did. I just didn’t. And even when I tried, something always came up for me to do and I end up not reading the word. Slowly but surely I began to feel the gap, something was missing. I couldn’t place my finger on it but my spirit just didn’t feel right. I kept hearing Holy Spirit say to me READ THE WORD, READ THE WORD, READ THE WORD.

I finally gave in to the thirst of my spirit and took the time to just sit, uninterrupted and read the Word. The moment I opened my bible to read, I felt my spirit come up ALIVE. I felt this unexplainable refreshment whirl up within me. That feeling you have when you have been so thirsty and you finally get some water to drink to quench the thirst. I didn’t want to stop reading. Each scripture I read was just coming at me with so power and revelation. As I read , I got a revelation, and I would pray on it – And I would read some more , I would get another revelation, and then pray some more. This went on for over 2 hours and yet it only felt like 5 mins. I lost track of time. His refreshing, reviving presence was so real I didn’t want to stop reading. And I still want to keep reading. The WORD of God has become so alive, its indescribable.


Friend there is so much POWER in the Word of God. No wonder the enemy resists us from reading the word. The WORD of God is TRUTH. It is LIFE. It is KNOWLEDGE. It is WISDOM and It is LIGHT. God’s WORD brings REVIVAL, RENEWS you, STRENGTHENS you, BUILDS you UP, Gives you WISE COUNSEL,DIRECTION,INSIGHT & CLARITY.

My prayer today , is that As you read the WORD of GOD everyday, that you will Hear God speak to you through HIS WORD. I pray that, the WORD of God will come alive in your Spirit – that it becomes more than a book to read. I pray for revelation, understanding, comprehension and the right discernment as you read and study God’s word. I also pray for the grace to DISCIPLINE your flesh and make time to just spend time reading God’s word. For it is written, The Spirit and the Flesh are at war (Read Galatians 5:16-17).

Psalmist says “Your WORD oh God is a Lamp to guide my feet, and a light to my path” Psalm 119:105

May the WORD of God come alive in you, Give you direction, and the right Discernment in Life. May you find time to just ABSORB and PONDER in the WORD – for it is wise counsel to your life. May the Lord open your spiritual eyes so that you can have REVELATION of the wonderful things in HIS WORD.

If you have been where I was, where reading/studying the WORD of God had lost its value, OR you were reading but not getting anything out of it just say  “LORD WITH YOUR VERY OWN HANDS YOU FORMED ME, NOW LORD BREATHE YOUR WISDOM IN ME SO I CAN UNDERSTAND YOUR WORD”.

God wants us to know Him … And we get to know Him through His word. I believe He is more than able and ready to help you read and understand HIS word as you seek HIM. All we have to do is ask and act on our asking – sit down and read – turn off all distractions and avail your self to HIM. He is faithful to teach you HIS WORD.


Let Your Light Shine

Yours LRJ