My Dad is Coming

My Dad is Coming

“My Dad is coming”

“My dad is coming for me! You’ll see – his coming”, that was my response to the school janitor, who had come to ask me if someone was coming for me. Most of the school kids had already been picked up and I was still waiting.

I was about grade 5 or so, when my dad had come late to pick me up from school. I remember different parents who were picking their kids late kept asking me, would you like us to take you home. But to every offer, I bluntly shut down saying “My dad is coming!”

It so happened after what seemed infinity of waiting according to my little mind – I saw my dad’s truck drive in through the school gates. I leaped with so much joy and grabbed my backpack and ran towards the car. To the school janitor, I yelled “I told you he was coming, see! I told you – my dad always comes to pick me up”. If I can be honest, although being one of the last kids to be picked was a little annoying, I surely loved the gifts that my dad brought that day to make it up for being late. The waiting didn’t seem to matter anymore. Kids are quite easy to please – a couple packs of chips, candy and a small gift and Rue was a happy girl.

When I was reminiscing on this particular event in my life, I just realized that we too sometimes in our relationship with God need to be just like little children. Little children are very trusting – you tell them that you going to do something they will believe you and hold you to your word no matter how long it might take to come to pass. Children have the mentality that if you said it, that settles it!

While waiting for my dad, I might have got impatient here and there but I still  waited. It didn’t matter what the other parents offered or the concern of the school janitor as to whether, my dad was still coming, I had so much faith in my dad’s word. My reasoning was when he dropped me off in the morning at school he said he would pick me up  – so nothing that anybody else would say would change my mind otherwise. I believe as I was waiting – I would say to myself even if his late he is still coming for me. There’s no way he could forget about me. There’s a logical explanation for this. He could have got delayed at work or in traffic, but he surely is coming for me. (Back then, cellphones were a luxury – so there was no way of texting or calling – so it was waiting in total faith). My assurance of my dad’s love for me and his word was all I had to keep me waiting.

Today, I want to encourage someone to have the same kind of faith like that of a little child. Take God at His word, and WAIT. Wait expectantly like a little child – With no seed of doubt or worry, knowing that if God said His going to show up – He will. And not only will He show up, but He will show up and show off BIG TIME. May your assurance of God’s love for you and His WORD be a reminder that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.Don’t get discouraged when other kids (people)seem to get picked up (get their prayer answered) earlier (Ask Daniel- he can attest to waiting for a while on God’s answer to prayer – Read Daniel 10) .

Don’t begin to doubt even when the school janitor (the enemy attacks you in the mind) questions you if your dad (God) is going to show up. Silence the janitor (enemy) when he begins to plant seeds of doubt –“Are you sure that your Dad (God) hasn’t forgotten about you? See all the others have been picked up, maybe you need to find someone else to pick you up (See everyone else’s prayers are being answered but yours haven’t, are you sure God even loves you – maybe you better of making other plans – this Christian thing is probably not your thing –try something else).

Silence him out right with what your Dad (God) said. Bluntly shut him down with “It is written….” or “My God said in His WORD….”. Your greatest weapon against the enemy is “THE WORD OF GOD”. Know what your heavenly Dad is saying and promised you in His WORD and be bold and brave enough to say “My Dad is Coming for me – He said it and that settles it”

Child of God, it’s time that we as God’s children, know who our daddy is and start behaving like little children by Holding God to His word.

If you have been waiting on God for what seems to be like forever, may your attitude today be “I DON’T MIND WAITING ON YOU LORD”. Find comfort in God’s Word, be patient and have faith.

my dad is coming

Psalm 37:25

I was young and now I am old,
    yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
    or their children begging bread

Psalm 130:5-6

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits,
    and in his word I put my hope.
I wait for the Lord
    more than watchmen wait for the morning,
    more than watchmen wait for the morning.

Psalm 37:7

Be still before the Lord
    and wait patiently for him;
do not fret when people succeed in their ways,
    when they carry out their wicked schemes

Stay blessed, be encouraged and keep waiting on Him

-Lady Rue J aka Ruvimbo Judith

“Let Your Light Shine”

Quick Devotional

Today I want to encourage someone to do what God reminded me in His word that I should always do – That is to RUN TO GOD FIRST. Yes to RUN TO HIM FIRST IN PRAYER – before running to anyone or anything else for a solution – RUN TO GOD FIRST. Yes I want someone to be reminded that “Let God be your first response” When things take a turn you don’t quite understand – Let your first response be God. When your Health plays games on you – Let your FIRST RESPONSE BE GOD. When you schooling kinda goes South – Let God be your first response. Your Car breaks down – Let God be your FIRST RESPONSE. You are faced with a difficult decision to make – let God be your FIRST RESPONSE. God wants us to run to Him with our everyday life to Him. He wants us to run to Him when we Don’t know what to do. Its so easy to run to the phone to call a friend, your mom/dad, your pastor, your boss, your prayer partner, your doctor…etc. I know – I do that sometimes – But I am reminded and challenged by Nehemiah (Read Nehemiah 1:2-7) who when faced with bad news, ran to God in prayer and fasting before seeking help or consulting in others for a solution. RUN to God today. Your answer, solution and directive is in PRAYER. Ask yourself this “Who would you rather have attend to your situation? God or Man? RUN TO GOD FIRST and let Him direct you from there. MAY GOD BE YOUR FIRST RESPONSE NOT YOUR LAST RESORT. Be blessed, stay encouraged and Have a wonderful Saturday 🙂

All Things Are Possible – PAID IN FULL

All Things Are Possible – PAID IN FULL
My husband and I went to the grocery store for a quick shopping trip on our way home from work. So as we were looking through the store to find what we needed, I kept COMPLAINING as to how expensive things had become especially the meat – I was looking to make Sadza, Ox-tail and veggies for supper – so although I didn’t like the cost of the ox-tail – I had promised hubby that was what he was having for dinner, so had to just for a second keep a blind eye to the price on the meat. My hubby suggested we go shop at another grocery store since the one we had gone to was a little pricey for my liking and slightly out of budget – but we figured we were already there, why not just get what we need and go home.
Woman shopping at the supermarket
Just as we were heading to the till, my husband mentioned that just maybe a particular product I had be looking for could be found in this store and we should quickly check before leaving… and I loudly blurted out “ITS IMPOSSIBLE!” -I guess my voice was loud enough that a certain customer in the store heard me  to which  he responded – “No my dear…All Things are Possible with God” – he smiled and walked away… I laughed in my spirit and carried on with our mini shopping with hubby. After a few minutes of perusing  through  the PRICEY grocery store (IN MY OPINION) we  met again  MR. “All things are Possible”  at the Front Till. He was ahead of us waiting to be served by the lovely cashier just like we were. As we were waiting our turn and chatting away, we didn’t notice that the cashier had rung in our groceries and already packed it in the grocery bag, so I readily took out our debit card to make the payment and the clerk hands us our grocery bag and smiles “IT’S ALL PAID FOR”Me: Say what now? … She repeats “ITS ALL PAID FOR” … my husband asks with a little confusion in his voice .. “How? by who? What? P–A–I–D F-O-R?” “Yes, Paid for the cashier repeated with a grin on her face” – Paid for by…
– Yep you guessed right- Mr “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE “ had paid for our groceries . In my opinion his groceries probably cost a lot less than ours, and yet he still covered the entire BILL for perfect strangers. My husband and I, both looked at him stunned, shocked, speechless and finally managed to squeak out “oh. oh, THANK YOU SIR, Thank you”. To this He responded while still gracefully packing his few groceries with a smile “You welcome and God Bless you”.. The cashier softly remarked with a giggle, I sure wish to stand behind this man next time I do my groceries…lol .
I never believed people that used to post on social media of how their groceries where paid for in full by total strangers until it happened to me just yesterday.Till today I am still surprised this happened – Didn’t know such people still existed. BUT then again this is no surprise to God – FOR ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!
I am going to say the same today to you… Child of God – Be at peace – “All things are possible with God”. God cares even about the smallest details of your life – even groceries too :). Wherever you are – Whatever you going through – REMEMBER THIS- ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!
Be Blessed, Stay Encouraged & Happy Tuesday 🙂
-LADY RUE J. aka Ruvimbo Judith
“Let Your Light Shine”