Kind Mercy Wins Over Harsh Judgement!

Kind Mercy Wins Over Harsh Judgement!

It so human nature to want to defend ourselves when we are hurt, provoked, disrespected, betrayed, lied to , lied about, offended..etc. But today I was challenged while I was reading God’s word. I read from

JAMES 2:13

There will be NO mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others. BUT if you have been merciful, God will be merciful to you when He judges you.

Friends, Kind Mercy Wins Over Harsh Judgement Every time, All the time!


Like most people do, I sometimes have trouble showing mercy to those who have done wrong to me. I know its not right but its the truth. I thank God for His Holy Spirit who checks me, every time I give into the flesh by withholding mercy. He reminds me of God’s love and mercy for me and prompts me to give the same grace and mercy. Because how can we say we love God if we fail to love and be merciful to his creation.

God wants us to be  merciful to others just as He is merciful to us. It is written that, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His Mercies are new every morning” meaning that everyday God has brand you mercy for you and I. He knows that we are probably going to sin against him – so HE already has New Mercy prepared for you each day. Mercy to cover your mistakes, Mercy to cover your shortfalls, Mercy to cover you wrong doing. His Mercy is in abundance.

Now if we as the children of God experience that kind of LOVE and Mercy, shouldn’t we be ready to give the same love and mercy to others. even those who willfully do us wrong?

May your prayer today be ” Lord teach me to see your creation as you see it. Help me to love like you do for; (LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SIN). help me to forgive and extend mercy to those who have hurt me , Help to extend Grace even to those who will offend me in the future. Help me to be ready to love and give Mercy like you do.”

I’ve heard it being said that hurting people hurt others. I’ve found this statement to be true.Sometimes, when someone is hurting within, really they have nothing else to give out than the hurt they feeling inside. So don’t be surprised by the rude, inconsiderate behaviors that some people show, sometimes it is actually an indication of much deeper issues in their lives. So instead of retaliating with anger,unforgiveness, or hate – SHOW MERCY , GIVE GRACE & LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.

As believers of Christ, we should be the first to show love even where its not deserved. (There’s not enough Love in the world – that  kind of love that will overlook a fault, the love that will give someone the BENEFIT OF DOUBT, that Love that will LIFT UP the broken, the fallen, hurting, the lost. Where is that kind of LOVE?)

This year, I want to encourage you to show God’s Compassion freely- To be more understanding of others shortcomings.

A wise man once said “When somebody is dishing out poisonous words, actions, a foul attitude, you can be assured they are crying out for help on the inside”.

I dare you to be the LOVE that’s lacking in this world. I dare you to sow seeds of God’s mercy, love , grace and compassion to people – even when they do not deserve – sow it anyway!


Be encouraged, spread the love and be merciful to all.

Happy New year!