Ignore Them (Whose your HATER – Whose your Helper?)

“You don’t stand a chance Rue!” these where words of a particular student to me when I decided to run for the University Board of Governors during my university days. He went on and on about how; the other person I was running against had more in his favor than I did. For a second I almost felt defeated before even completing what I had started. This guy just about butchered me with words and examples as to how I was less qualified than my opponent. But every time he said something negative I blurted out, I WILL WIN- YOU’LL SEE – I WILL WIN – YOU’LL SEE. Till this day I am not even sure why he had made it his mission to come and tell me all that. But I am glad he did, because it gave me the resilience to push even harder. Law and behold, I won the elections and I was the second black African and first Zimbabwean student to sit on the Board of Governors. Where am I getting with this story? During my campaign I faced a lot of discouragement – people who made me question if I had made the dumbest decision of my life to run  for election? But one thing that kept me going and campaigning as hard as I could was the vision that I had a year prior to me running for a seat on the board.

…A year prior to my campaign I remember I had found myself in the Board room where the Big people, the governors sat to discuss important matter concerning the University. I remember saying to myself, with no slightest clue that it would come to pass. I gasped “ONE DAY I WILL SIT IN THESE CHAIRS AT THIS GRAND TABLE AND BE PART OF IMPORTANT DECISION MAKING PROCESSES”. I didn’t know how it was going to happen or when, but I could see it, I could taste it in my future. And a year later, I was elected and those words were fulfilled.

1 Samuel 10:26-27 ” When Saul returned to his home at Gibeah, a group of men whose hearts God had touched went with him. 27 But there were some scoundrels who complained, “How can this man save us?” And they scorned him and refused to bring him gifts. But Saul ignored them”.

This event in my life came back to me when I was reading the passage of scripture referenced above. Verse 27b of the scripture says “…BUT he IGNORED them” Wow, wow, wow. What a profound statement … “BUT he IGNORED them” If you read chapter 9 and 10 up to this point it will make sense. In brief, God had found mercy over His people Israel – they had asked for a king and God finally decided to give them a King. He chose Saul, son of Kish from the small, least, unpopular, probably the least recognized tribe of Benjamin to lead His people Israel. God had told Prophet Samuel to anoint Saul as King and make it know to all Israel of God’s Choice. However, the bible mentions that there were some scoundrels that did not accept Saul as king, who mocked his kingship out loudly and blatantly, -but Saul IGNORED them.

I thought to myself why would Saul ignore them, and it was revealed to me by the Spirit, that Saul had come to understand who had chosen and appointed him as King. When God spoke to prophet Samuel (the seer) to anoint Saul these scoundrels weren’t there. When prophet Samuel anointed Saul as King, they were not there. When God affirmed Saul as the FIRST king for Israel, they were not there – so what they said was irrelevant to Saul’s appointment as King. The scoundrels had nothing constructive or positive to bring to the table – so they were ignored.  Some versions say “He kept silent” That’s powerful! It had been revealed to Saul what he was now “the first king in the history of Israel ever – God had chosen him not men – so he wasn’t about to waste his breathe engaging in a debate with these men.

The unfortunate thing today is that many a times we allow scoundrels to talk us down; speak us out of what GOD has chosen us for. Some of us even go to the lengths of engaging in unnecessary debates, discussions to defend ourselves, only to leave feeling disappointed, discouraged and torn down. (IGNORE THEM!) God gives you a dream, a vision, an idea, a gift – but instead of fully operating in it as purposed by GOD, we allow irrelevant words, comments, opinion of people who were not even there when GOD imputed His purpose in you to discourage you from being what we were created to be. 

Today I want to encourage someone to be like Saul, who “IGNORED them”. Ignore the ignorance of the world. Ignore the discouragements, IGNORE the side remarks, IGNORE the negative criticism, IGNORE the haters, IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE!!! If God has spoken, If God has favored you, If God has chosen you, If God has qualified you – DON’T you DARE allow anyone to speak you down to their level. When negativity hits you – that’s your chance to shine even brighter. Don’t deem your light to satisfy the thirst of mediocre people. You were created for more and greater things. Live your Life – Pursue your dreams – Walk into your Destiny – Be everything that you were created to be. Like an eagle soars against the violent currents, you will soon be where you were created to be.(Do not allow people who do not have a revelation or understanding of what God has placed or spoken over your life to determine the course of your life).

To be quite honest – What kept me keeping on during my campaign wasn’t because I had it all figured out. NO I didn’t. What kept me going was the vision I had and the One who had given it to me. During my campaign I learned to IGNORE what was not relevant or significant to what I was pursuing. I learned to soar on against all odds. I learned to run the race with JESUS by my side – because He is the only one whose opinion mattered. He had given me the vision and I wasn’t’ about to stop chasing that vision at the onset of discouragement.  

Friend, today I want you to know that you are bigger than what you think. Greater is He who is on the inside of you than the one in the world. In the eyes of the world, the economy, media, friends or family (surprisingly enough yes – family sometimes can be the worst critics) you may NOT STAND A CHANCE,BUT WITH JESUS YOU ARE MORE THAN ABLE TO DO WHAT HE HAS DESTINED YOU TO BE. Don’t soar down to scoundrels levels, Ignore them and soar higher.

My prayer for you is that God aligns you with the right people who will encourage you and push you into your calling, purpose, gifting – whatever that may look like. May God grant you the spirit of discernment to discern between haters and helpers (for not every critic is a hater – positive constructive criticisms is needed to channel you in the right direction as well).

So Father God, may your wisdom and discernment be upon every reader and grant them the grace to soar through even the toughest of situations. Empower them with your Spirit to remain standing against all odds. In Jesus name – AMEN.